Bonacic: In The Fight Against The Power Line Round One Victory Goes To The People

John J. Bonacic

June 09, 2006

State Senator John J. Bonacic (R/I/C - Mount Hope) announced today that the Federal Department of Energy has decided against New York Regional Interconnect's (NYRI) request to expedite action on their multi-billion dollar proposal to build an electric transmission line.

Stated in a letter from the Department of Energy's Office of Electricity Delivery Director Kevin Kolevar, "The Department of Energy communicated to NYRI the decision to take no action in response to NYRI's early designation request." The letter further stated that, "Applications to site electric transmission facilities in National Corridors will need to go through applicable local, state, and federal permitting procedures."

Senator Bonacic stated, "This is a victory for the people of our region that will be impacted by NYRI's proposed transmission line project. I applaud the Department of Energy's decision in this matter and pleased with their statement that the local and state government will have a prominent role with regard to siting."

"I, too, have written to the Department of Energy to express my strong opposition to allowing NYRI to circumvent state and local laws," continued Senator Bonacic. "Right now, we are in the process of building a war chest so that the people of our region have a fighting chance in determining their own fate."

Senator Bonacic was the first elected official to secure funding for the communities in his district who are opposing the power line project. Senator Bonacic stated, "NYRI is a well financed company that has hired a large lobbying firm and a large law firm to push through their multi-billion dollar proposal. I cannot allow the people of our region to be left in the cold without any resources to fight back."

In a letter to Senators Clinton and Schumer, Senator Bonacic urged their support in ensuring that NYRI must go before the people and the governmental entities closest to the proposed site. To date, there has been no response from either Senator.

"Round one goes to the people. However, I anticipate this is just one battle of many ahead of us. I will continue to fight vigorously for the people of my district in opposing the construction of mega power lines," concluded Senator Bonacic.