Bonacic Meets with Supervisors, Mayors, Other Officials in Kingston

John J. Bonacic

March 23, 2009

tate Senator John Bonacic met this morning with approximately thirty local officials from Ulster County to discuss the State budget agreement.   The budget agreement, which was negotiated in secret by  Governor Paterson, and Democratic leaders of the Senate and Assembly in Albany contains massive tax increases which will cost virtually every New Yorker more money.

Senator Bonacic plans on voting against the budget bills when they are presented later this week.  Notably, the Governor and Senate leaders had claimed the budget process would be transparent but critics around the State, including virtually every major newspaper have pointed out that the budget process this year was the most secretive in modern history.

The budget does nothing to alleviate the crushing property tax burden Hudson Valley and Catskills area residents face.  It leaves State School aid essentially the same as last year - which means as the cost of living rises, the extra costs will be paid for by property taxpayers. 

The local officials expressed concern about the fact that the budget does not provide for necessary property tax relief or job creation efforts in New York.