Bonacic: Senate Advances Property Tax Reform Bills

John J. Bonacic

December 22, 2005

     State Senator John J. Bonacic (R/I/C - Mount Hope) announced today
that the Senate has offered a package of bills designed to provide a
solution to the escalating property taxes facing New Yorkers.

      The package includes measures that, create a new property tax rebate
program, create a local school finance commission, consolidate school
districts, and make annual adjustments to the STAR program.

      "Finally, Albany has recognized that school property taxes are
crippling the average homeowner and is now considering my bill, Senate bill
164, and other measures designed to provide an alternate method of funding
the local costs of education,"  stated Senator Bonacic.

      Senator Bonacic continued, "Since first elected to the State Senate,
I have led the fight to reform property taxes and relieve homeowners of the
onerous burden that has increased year after year.  I am pleased that my
vision is now shared by other Senators and is now the subject of meaningful
reform bills that will be considered during the upcoming Legislative
Session.  Unfortunately, the Assembly leadership has been silent on this
issue.  Silence on their part equals inaction."

      "Taxpayers need immediate results from their legislators.  I am
pleased that the Senate Majority is responding to the challenge.  I will
continue my fight to reform this outdated, overburdening, and inequitable
property tax system in this State," concluded Senator Bonacic.

                                   # # #