Bonacic: State Budget Includes Over $60 Million For Suny New Paltz

John J. Bonacic

June 03, 2008

State Senator John J. Bonacic (R/I/C - Mount Hope) announced today that the final State Budget includes over $60 million in State Capital Aid for two projects at SUNY New Paltz. Projects being funded include renovations to the library and the construction of a new science building.

"Each year, I work to secure State aid to ensure our institutes of higher education have top notch learning facilities," stated Senator Bonacic. "I am pleased that these two critical projects will be funded."

Over the past several years, millions in State aid was secured by Senator Bonacic for SUNY New Paltz projects such as renovating the "Old Main" building on campus. "Investing in the State's SUNY schools is critical to the health and well being of the students, residents, and businesses alike," Bonacic continued.

SUNY New Paltz President Steven Poskanzer stated, "We are thrilled that once again Senator Bonacic has stepped up to the plate to ensure that New Paltz students and faculty have first-class facilities for teaching and learning. Our new science building will enable us to train future technology leaders for the Hudson Valley and a renovated 21st century library will truly be the intellectual heart of our campus. We are deeply grateful."

Senator Bonacic said that science and technology are the fastest growing sectors of our economy and we need to have the tools, facilities and resources to educate our students. We need our colleges and universities to provide an education that will enable our students to succeed in the jobs of the 21st century.

"Renovating the library on campus and the construction of a state-of-the-art science building at SUNY New Paltz will help meet that goal. The economic vitality of our communities and the quality of life of our residents depend on it," concluded Senator Bonacic.