Bonacic Supports Stark For Comptroller

John J. Bonacic

February 07, 2007

State Senator John J. Bonacic (Mt. Hope, Orange County), today said he planned on voting for New York City Finance Commissioner Martha Stark to be State Comptroller.

"Commissioner Stark has appeared before the Senate Housing Committee, which I Chair. In that appearance, she demonstrated a knowledge of a wide variety of subject areas and clearly has the managerial experience to serve as Comptroller. She is not only my preferred candidate of the three recommended by the screening panel, but is my preferred candidate of all those who sought the position," Bonacic said.

Bonacic also said it was "surprising" that the Legislature is apparently set to ignore the three finalists recommended by the panel. "There was an agreement. The Speaker, Leader, and Governor stood up together and patted each other on the back for forming this non-partisan screening panel. The screening panel found only three people qualified and none were from the Assembly. Sheldon Silver should honor the agreement he made with the Governor."

Commissioner Martha Stark currently leads the 2,300 person City Finance Department. That Department collects $18 billion in annual tax revenue, maintains records for more than 1 million properties, and conducts thousands of audits. She also serves as Chair of the New York City Retirement System and Teachers Retirement System.

Senator Bonacic continued, "Prior to her appointment as Commissioner, Stark was a Portfolio Manager at Edna McConnell Clark Foundation, where she managed millions of dollars in grants."

"Her experience dealing with retirement system issues and managing a large staff makes her well qualified to be Comptroller," concluded Senator Bonacic.