Bonacic Urges Assembly To Act On Mta Legislation

John J. Bonacic

July 25, 2007

State Senator John J. Bonacic (R/I/C - Mount Hope), in light of reports that the MTA is considering increasing fares, is calling upon the Assembly leadership to pass his legislation, Senate bill 461. The measure requires the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to hold public hearings to justify any proposal to increase rates.

"The public and the users of the services provided by the MTA have a right to know how their hard earned dollars are being spent," stated Senator Bonacic. "When government agencies increase fees, rates, or surcharges, hardworking New Yorkers pay the price."

Senate bill 461 amends the Public Authorities Law stating the MTA may not implement or increase rates, fees, surcharges or other costs to passengers or those who work at facilities owned or controlled by the authority without a public hearing. If such rates, fees, or surcharges is expected to impact individuals from more than one county, the Authority shall hold public hearings in each county affected.

Senator Bonacic said that his legislation passed the Senate on May 31st of this year. It also passed the Senate in 2006, but was never taken up by the Assembly.

"Hard working New Yorkers should not be expected to pay increased fees without additional quality service in return," continued Senator Bonacic. "Any new or increased fees, rates, or surcharges should be justified, explained and supported by the users of the services those fees pay for. It is my hope that the Assembly takes up this important accountability measure this year," concluded Senator Bonacic.