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John J. Bonacic

March 17, 2009

Senator Bonacic Urges Floof Gauges be kept open; meets with DEP officials

State Senator John J. Bonacic met today with DEP Deputy Commissioner Paul Rush to demand that stream gauges in the watershed area be kept open.

The Senator asked the DEP to give him an answer on the gauges later this week.

DEP officials are proposing to close 10 gauges in Sullivan, Orange, and Ulster Counties this year and next.

"Stream gauges are key indicators of the timing and rate of potential flooding. I found the DEP listened to my arguments and I think they have a better understanding of why we need them open," Senator Bonacic said.

The DEP is proposing to close the following gauges in 2009 and 2010 in Sullivan, Orange, and Ulster Counties:


1. Delaware River at Port Jervis,

2. Hudson River at South Dock at. West Point.


1. Delaware River at Barryville,

2. Delaware River at Pond Eddy,

3. Delaware River at Callicoon.


1. Panther Mountain Tributary near Oliverea,

2. Rondout Creek, above Red Brook at Peekamoose,

3. Wallkill River at Gardiner,

4. Hudson River Salt Front Delineation at Milton,

5. Beaver Kill Tributary above Lake Hill.

"The DEP controls 1/2 trillion gallons of water in the Catskills. We need to hold them accountable to make sure they keep tabs on water flow because knowledge is what keeps people alive when the water rises," Bonacic said.

The Senator said if he did not receive a satisfactory response he would introduce legislation to require the City, as part of their ongoing water supply responsibilities to monitor the tributaries.

"I'm here to remind the city of their good neighbor obligations first, and will then seek to force them to live up to them if they don't do it voluntarily. I get the sense they heard me and want to address this concern and expect to get an answer in short order," the Senator concluded.