Liberty To Start Police Surveillance Program

John J. Bonacic

November 01, 2006

Downtown Liberty will soon have advanced video surveillance in areas police perceive to be targets for criminal activity. The cameras will be funded by a $50,000 State grant. The surveillance camera project was identified as a priority for Liberty by local officials including County Legislator Jodi Goodman and Community Development Corporation Member Gary Siegel.

Police Chief Mike DeFrank said the cameras were his number one request in order to enhance downtown safety. "With this technology, we will be able to keep a detailed eye all the time on areas we have concerns about. These cameras were our highest crime-fighting priority."

Siegel said, "People deserve to be safe in our community. The use of cameras in areas which have experienced vandalism and other criminal activity is a deterrent to crime and will make our downtown safer."

Legislator Goodman said, "Unfortunately, we have seen a rise in criminal activity. Fortunately, we have a capable local police force. These cameras will help secure not only our residential community, but our business community as well."

The system, similar to that used in Middletown and now being expanded in Walden, will mount cameras at strategic locations in downtown Liberty. The cameras will be protected and will be able to swivel and zoom. The cameras will also record action on an ongoing basis.

The funding will be provided through the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services and was secured by Senator John Bonacic. "We cannot allow gangs to gain a foothold in our communities. Taxpayers want and deserve safe communities. I was pleased to work with Liberty officials to secure this funding," Senator Bonacic said.