Senator Bonacic Announces Local Winners In Statewide Environmental Contest

John J. Bonacic

May 18, 2007

State Senator John J. Bonacic (R/I/C - Mount Hope) announced today that students from Delaware County’s Charlotte Valley and South Kortright Central School Districts are winners in the Senate’s 16th Annual I*MA*GREEN*NATION competition.

"Our local winners competed against hundreds of students from throughout New York State, and their imaginative ideas and displays were judged to be among the best in this year’s contest," stated Senator Bonacic.

The statewide competition included students from grades one through eight who submitted projects for presentation of ideas and solutions to the problems of solid waste reduction and improved recycling. Entries were judged for imagination, subject matter, and creativity.

Charlotte Valley Central School District’s students won first place in the Division II, Grades 4 & 5 Science and Technology. The students, led by their teacher Mr. Hudak, are: Kyle Beang, Andrew Briggs, Morgan Gano, Brett Hedman, Jacob Joubert, Megan Norton, Ashleigh Reishus, Melissa Sperry and Nolan VanZandt. They created a replica of their school incorporating current and proposed recycling projects and alternative energy sources.

The students from South Kortright Central School District, under the direction of their teacher, William Parker, placed third in the Division III, Grades 6-8, Science & Technology. The students are Cassie Knipper, Nick Denano, Rachel Hanselman, Courtney Soule, Miquela Hanselman, Randy Post, Nicholas Dykes, Kayla Scherer, Dylan Cole, Trevor Holdridge, Scott Schmidt, Cali Lutz, Anthony Salcido, Nick Hannum, Fay Perez, Ryan Schmid, Madie Decker, David Botyl, Carlenna Tubbs, Taylor Palmer, Rachel Soule, and Justin Stone. They created a model of insects made from recycled materials.

"I know that our communities share my pride in these young people who have shown a remarkable awareness and concern for the important environmental challenges we all face to make our State a better, cleaner place," concluded Senator Bonacic.