Statement by Senator Bonacic On the Indictment of Former Senate Majority Leader

John J. Bonacic

March 23, 2009

“This is a sad day for Senator Bruno and his family.  The indictment and alleged behavior of Senator Bruno was only possible, however because of the near dictatorial power enjoyed by Legislative Leaders in New York State.”

 “Under the Rules, which the Senate and Assembly operate, the Speaker and Majority Leader can take untold sums of money from special interests under the guise of providing legitimate services.  Whether those services are legitimate or not cannot be determined absent a trial.  It simply shouldn’t take an indictment and trial to know what else the people who control the Senate and Assembly do for a living.”  

“As Co-Chair of the Senate Task Force on Rules Reform, Senator Bruno’s indictment serves as a clarion call to open up the process, eliminate the questions, and empower rank and file members to more ably serve our constituents regardless of political party or challenge to the leadership.”