Bretton Woods Elementary Students Raise Money For Tsunami Relief

John J. Flanagan

April 05, 2005

Hauppauge -- Senator John J. Flanagan (R,C-East Northport)joined students from Bretton Woods elementary school to recognize their efforts in raising money for the victims of the tragic tsunami disaster. In just four days, January 18-21, the students collected $2,356.

Responding to the enormous financial need in Southeast Asia, The Bretton Woods Student Government was determined to collect money from students from every grade and donate it to help children in Southeast Asia. The student government divided itself up into 3 teams: one made posters to hang in the school, the second made flyers, and the third made collection jars.

Beginning on January 18th, students from every grade brought loose change to their classroom to fill collection jars or placed change in the water cooler bottle at the end of the lunch line, or emptied their pockets on their way out the front door after school. At the end of the week, a parent volunteer, Lorraine Peragallo, came and picked up the jars and had them counted and rolled all the change. The students had collected $2,356 in just four days.

Senator John J. Flanagan said, "The tragic tsunami disaster has united the world in an effort to provide relief in the wake of one of the greatest natural disasters in history. It has been difficult for us to watch the distress of the children and the heartbreak of the families that have been tragically broken up by this horrible disaster. I am proud that these students are sending monetary assistance to help the victims. It is needed desperately to pay for one of the largest humanitarian campaigns ever mounted."

Kimberly Penharlow, Director of Education for UNICEF said, "Thank you for supporting UNICEF's relief work in the aftermath of the tsunami crisis in South Asia. The students of Bretton Woods have helped UNICEF to improve thousands of lives! Without the support of donors like yourselves, we would not be able to do our work. You are not only heroes to your peers in South Asia, you are our heroes as well."

Bretton Woods Principal Matthew Giordano said, "I was not surprised to hear that Bretton Woods School surpassed the goal set for raising money for the victims of the tsunami disaster. Our students have the enthusiasm, drive, and concern for the well being of

5th Grade Teacher Ryan Donaghy said, "The students sacrificed the extra snack at lunch, they gave their change from the milk, and they emptied out their piggy banks."

The money will be contributed to the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF). UNICEF is supporting children’s recovery in a way that benefits the entire community, at this crucial moment in time. They are providing the children struck by the tsunami with a wide range of services including medical assistance, food and safe water, rebuilding schools, support in coping with trauma and stress and advancing children’s education.

Over 170,000 people died after the massive earthquake and ensuing tsunamis. 11 nations were ravaged with most of the victims in Indonesia, but with Sri Lanka, Thailand and India also hit hard. Tens of thousands are missing, with most presumed dead.