Flanagan Secures Over $500,000 In Mta Capital Funding

John J. Flanagan

November 07, 2005

Today Senator John J. Flanagan announced that he has secured over a half-million dollars in MTA Capital funding for the rehabilitation of three rail road parking lots in the Town of Smithtown. At the request of Smithtown Supervisor Patrick Vecchio and Councilman Thomas McCarthy, Senator Flanagan obtained $573,000 in MTA Capital funding for major improvements at the St. James, Smithtown and Atterbury rail road stations. Improvements at these locations will include curb replacements (where needed), the adjustment of drainage castings, asphalt paving and overlaying, and the restriping of all parking stalls. Of particular significance, is the application of a brand new foundation of asphalt and painted parking stalls in one area of the Atterbury station that is presently only covered by gravel. Extensive curb replacements will occur at the Atterbury parking lot as well.

"Providing safe, clean and accessible parking for Long Island Rail Road customers is a critical aspect to promoting the use of mass transit," said Senator Flanagan. "In the past, we have been pleased to provide funding for similar improvement projects at other locations in the Town, most recently securing $210,000 for the rehabilitation of a commuter parking annex in Kings Park. The projects now planned for the St. James, Atterbury and Smithtown locations will continue the State’s commitment to meeting the needs of Smithtown residents and commuters."

Supervisor Patrick Vecchio said, "Senator Flanagan has always been an effective state representative and a great friend to the Town of Smithtown. We’re grateful for his constant attention to issues affecting Smithtown residents, and in particular, his continued assistance with obtaining funding to improve our commuter parking lot facilities. The funding secured by Senator Flanagan will go a long way in maintaining the upkeep and safety of Smithtown’s rail road facilities."

Councilman Thomas McCarthy also expressed his gratitude to Senator Flanagan. "Whenever the Town of Smithtown has sought help or assistance from Senator Flanagan, he has delivered. I personally approached Senator Flanagan on this issue, and he immediately promised to help. Due to his efforts, the residents and commuters of Smithtown will have an increased quality of service at these heavily relied upon stations," Councilman McCarthy concluded.