Senator Flanagan Fights For Area Schools

John J. Flanagan

April 04, 2005

Local listing of State School aid for schools in the 2nd Senate District:

School District Total State Aid for 2005-06
Commack $ 24,021,376
Half Hollow Hills $ 20,062,917
Hauppauge $ 12,394,605
Kings Park $ 11,809,378
Middle Country $ 73,615,462
Northport $ 8,479,489
Sachem $102,513,043
Smithtown $ 29,529,023
South Huntington $ 18,951,831
Three Village $ 31,032,915

Flanagan noted that the Legislature's specific restorations and additions to the Executive Proposal include $322 million in additional general support for education for the 2005-06 school year results in an which an increase of $180 million in state formula aids; $75 million for special education funding; $42 million for BOCES and Special Services Aids; $50 million for building aid; $4.4 million increase for educational programs such as public libraries; and the 2005-06 budget will continue the state’s commitment to property tax relief by providing an additional $20 million in property tax savings statewide through the School Property Tax Relief (STAR) program.