Senator Flanagan Secures Funding For Emergency Lighting System

John J. Flanagan

October 28, 2005

Originally published in Cyberlux Corporation on January 01, 2014

Kings Park, N.Y. -- New York State Senator John J. Flanagan (R-East Northport), the Kings Park School District and the Cyberlux Corporation (OTCBB: CYBL) today announced the successful completion of an innovative pilot project using next-generation LED solid-state emergency lighting.

Cyberlux installed the emergency lighting system in the Emergency Situation Room at Kings Park High School. The pilot program, funded through a $10,000 grant secured by Sen. Flanagan from the New York State Senate, demonstrates the potential to use LED solid-state lighting to prepare schools and other shelters throughout the county to provide assistance to communities in the aftermath of natural disasters, terrorist attacks, electric grid failures and any other calamity that can cause widespread electricity blackouts.

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are durable, energy efficient, cool to the touch and last more than 100 times longer than conventional incandescent lights. The solid-state semiconductors are typically used in automobile dashboards and electronic devices, such as mobile phones. Cyberlux has developed a range of LED lighting products for residential, commercial, military and homeland security markets, including kitchen and closet task lighting and handheld emergency lighting products.

The Kings Park project was initiated by Ed Hogan, president of the Kings Park Board of Education. Through a request from the Kings Park Board of Education and Superintendent Mary DeRose, Sen. Flanagan was able to secure a $10,000 technology grant from the New York State Legislature for the project.

"While the community is watching the devastation and recovery efforts by recent hurricanes elsewhere, it is important to plan ahead for how we can better prepare our communities for a disaster that can strike here in New York with widespread power outages for days or even weeks," said Sen. Flanagan. "This project demonstrates how we can use the latest lighting technology to prepare for the possibility that severe storms like Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita could strike here."

"We’re excited about the ability to provide long-term lighting during an emergency," Hogan said. "Cyberlux has successfully demonstrated this technology. We are talking with officials about the possibility of installing Cyberlux emergency lighting in the gymnasium to provide sanctuary for our community during power blackouts.’

The lighting system is based on Cyberlux’s Reliabright Emergency Lighting System powered by a remote, constant charge battery pack that provides up to 80 hours of light on a single battery charge. The system is activated by a proprietary sensor system that detects a loss of power in the building's electrical system.

In a similar pilot project, Cyberlux installed a solid-state semiconductor lighting system in the emergency management "war room" for the City of Cleveland. The project was in response to the widespread power blackouts in 2003.

"By working with Senator Flanagan and the Kings Park School District, we’ve been able to demonstrate the benefits of battery operated, solid-state LED emergency lighting," said Mark Schmidt, president and chief operating officer of Cyberlux. "In addition to disaster shelters, we are talking with officials about other uses in public spaces, such as subway systems."

In a related effort to promote hurricane preparedness, Sen. Flanagan recently announced a partnership between Long Island’s nine State Senators and supermarket chains Stop & Shop, King Kullen and C-Town in an effort to help educate Long Islanders on how to prepare their homes and families should a hurricane strike New York. Brochures and posters are being displayed at 88 supermarkets across Long Island during September, National Preparedness Month. Each brochure contains emergency plans, evacuation instructions, and a list of suggested items to include in a basic hurricane kit. Most items are available at supermarkets and hardware stores.
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