Senator Flanagan Supports Growth Of Recreational Opportunities In Centereach

John J. Flanagan

October 17, 2007

Senator John Flanagan (2nd Senate District) joined with Brookhaven Town Supervisor Brian X. Foley, Councilwoman Kathy Walsh and the Brookhaven Parks Department to announce a partnership with local youth groups to expand the recreational facilities in the Selden-Centereach community.

The projects will be aided through $325,000 in state funding that Senator Flanagan secured.

The first project will add a new ball field to Levitt Field and the cost of this project will be offset with $75,000 of the funding. This field will be constructed through a partnership with the Selden-Centereach Little League to add a new little league ball field to Levitt Field.

The Town of Brookhaven will begin clearing the land at Levitt Field for the construction of the new little league field this fall.

"We very much look forward to this new and exciting endeavor. The fact that it is happening will give our older kids the opportunity to experience little league," said Nick Caracappa, Vice President of the Selden-Centereach Little League. "This can truly be a place where families come together."

The second project will be the construction of the new building at the Centereach Pool Complex that will house the Parks Administration Building and the Selden-Centereach Youth Association. The cost of construction will be offset by a $250,000 grant given to the Youth Association by Senator Flanagan.
Work will begin on the new Administration Building/Youth Center early next year.

"With the willingness of government to help, through the grant from Senator Flanagan and the cooperation of Supervisor Foley, we have now come through four years of hard work and can see our goal clearly," said Jim Pendola, Chair of the Selden-Centereach Youth Association.

"This has been ongoing work by a group of volunteers that has spanned almost four years," said Marvin Adler, Vice Chair of the Selden-Centereach Youth Association. "The Youth Association has been in business for 38 years, using a number of rental locations. Now, finally, we will have our own space to operate out of."

"These two projects are perfect case studies on how two levels of government can partner to benefit the youth in our communities," said Supervisor Foley. "In the case of the Selden-Centereach Youth Association, the new building will end their years of searching to find a place in which to provide services to young residents. The Selden-Centereach Little League has also looked for ways to expand in the past few years, and I am glad that we are all able to work together to make it happen."

"I’m excited to finally have this project moving forward and that we are securing a home for the Selden-Centereach Youth Association," said Councilwoman Walsh. "It is a true partnership between community and government at the Town and State level."

"The Selden-Centereach Little League and the Selden-Centereach Youth Association have both provided a great deal to our community and I am glad to help them continue their great work by securing this funding," said Senator Flanagan. "When these two projects are completed, the children of this area will be provided with expanded opportunities that will benefit everyone."

PHOTO CAPTION: Senator Flanagan celebrates the growth of recreational opportunities in Centereach and announces state funding for two new projects. He is joined by Parks Commissioner Jim LaCarrubba, Brookhaven Town Supervisor Foley, Councilwoman Walsh, Jim Pendola of the Selden-Centereach Youth Association and Nick Caracappa of the Selden-Centereach Little League at a recent announcement of the funding. TO SEND AN E-MAIL TO SENATOR FLANAGAN, PLEASE CLICK HERE.