Happy Father's Day!!

John L. Sampson

June 11, 2007

Dear Father/Friend:

Happy Father’s Day!!. Congratulations and Best Wishes to you on this special day. Fathers share their time, their strengths, their joys and they give of themselves to make others happy. Thank you for being a role model, friend, instructor, leader and a father. As a Fathers' Day tribute I offer you

"The Conversation."
He slowly crept up the stairs to see what his son was doing,
Junior had been quiet too long, he had to see if mischief was happening.
As he quietly opened the door, he heard the voice of his son,
Having a detailed conversation, but the father saw no one.

" Thank you for my father, he is the best dad to me,
He's so very strong and loving and as gentle as can be.
He has big muscle shoulders that I lean on when I'm sad,
He puts his arms around me and protects me like a dad.
He spends plenty time with me, he is the greatest cook,
He makes me cereal and pancakes, he should write a book.
He brings mom beautiful flowers, he makes her smile a lot,
I tell him all my secrets, he's the best friend that I've got.
And when my buddies come over to play and spend the night,
He reads us pirate stories before turning out the light.
He said each boy should have a mentor, I think I know what it means,
It's someone you can trust, who makes you keep your nose clean.
God, he gives me everything, joy, toys, food and books,
A roof over my head, and don't forget my good looks.
And, yes I am very happy to be called my father's son,
Please help me to be just like him when I'm twenty one.
I don't want to grow up too fast, I love being only seven,
Thank You for sending me a daddy angel from heaven."

The father quietly stepped back and moved away from the door,
His heart was filled with gladness, it couldn't hold much more.
The child he had held in his arms and rocked so many times to sleep,
Spoke such words of kindness that made the father weep.
The many honors he'd received and many trophies had,
Could not compare to the greatness of being the World's best DAD.

by: Michelle Edwin-Trotman

My office is always open to you. My staff and I welcome your thoughts and ideas. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of assistance to you. Once again. Happy Father’s Day!!