Happy Mothers Day!!

John L. Sampson

May 08, 2008

Dear Mother/Friend:

Happy Mothers Day!! Congratulations and best wishes to you on this special day. As a Mother’s Day tribute I offer you the poem "Words of Wisdom". I would like to take this time to thank you for your unconditional love, courage, kindness, virtue and for taking the time to share and renew dreams and hopes. It's your words of wisdom that has guided us and changed the world. Mother, you have opened your heart, your arms and your soul in love and wisdom, Thank You.

Words of Wisdom

She shared with me her Words of Wisdom before my goodnight prayer,
It was our treasured time to love and laugh as she gently brushed my hair.
Some evenings we would read a book that spoke of people far away,
Sometimes we just sat and talked about how we spent our day.
And when our time was over before she'd say goodnight,
She recited the "Words of Wisdom" that became my guiding light.

"It's not in the length of your hair nor the color of your eyes,
It's not the clothes you wear, that's not where your beauty lies.
It's not the charming way you smile nor the sweet sound of your voice,
It takes more than just a pretty face to make a heart rejoice.
It's not the tone of your skin nor the contour of your face,
It's not your graceful neck that defines your feminine grace.
It's not about the length of your arms nor the size of your feet,
It's not about what size your wear, if you're tall or petite.

It's about your heart and what goodness lies within,
It's about truth in your words that tells where hope begins.
It's about the light in your eyes as your dreams you share.
It's about your open arms that tell someone you care.
It's about the peace on your face as you stand to greet the world,
And the grace you bestow on every boy and girl.
It's about the love you have for every creed and race,
And how hard you work to make this world a better place,
It's about smelling the roses on your daily walk.
And your careful choice of words every time you talk.
It's about how far you'll go to lift a broken soul,
Remember, life is a diamond, more precious than gold.
Each day is a gift worth sharing so set your sights towards the sky,
Let the wings of faith gently lift you up and gracefully begin to fly."

Today I sat with my daughter and we rocked in our favorite chair,
We spoke of how we spent our day and I gently brushed her hair.
And when our time was over, after her evening prayer,
I leaned over just like mother did and whispered in her ear.

By: Michelle Edwin-Trotman

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John 2007