Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center Community Health Awareness Initiative

John L. Sampson

February 12, 2007

February- Diabetes
April- Cholesterol
May- Asthma

FREE Screenings will take place at the following locations:

• Crown Heights Family Health Center: 535 Empire Boulevard,
Brooklyn, NY 11225

• Charles Drew Family Health Center: 342 Kingsboro 3rd Walk,
Brooklyn, NY 11233

• Pierre Toussaint Family Health Center: 110 Eastern Parkway,
Brooklyn, NY 11213

• St. Francis of Assisi Family Health Center: 333 Knickerbocker
Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11233

• Sr. Thea Bowman Family Health Center: 1205-15 Sutter
Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11208

• St. Peter Claver Family Health Center: 1061-63 Liberty Avenue,
Brooklyn, NY 11233

For more information contact Public Affairs: 718-604-5062