Sysco employees continue to strike the major food distribution company

September 30, 2022

Originally published in CNY Central on September 30, 2022.

WARNERS, N.Y. — Sysco employees continue their shrike in front of the company Friday afternoon, and they are hoping that their conditions are met with the negotiations.

Sysco is a major food distribution company that provides food across New York State to prisons, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and restaurants.

Employees that are striking the company are warehouse workers and truck drivers who are asking for better working conditions and a pay increase.

Sean Miller said, “We're striking over working conditions mainly. They want this new flexibility schedule, and everybody is already working an insane and excessive amount of overtime as it is.”

Many of the employees at Cisco say they love the company, and they love what they do but Keith Hubbard said most of the employees have been making the same pay for a decade.

Hubbard said, “Some of the men here have sacrificed their lives. They haven't seen their kids grow up. Their kids are older now and going to college and we've missed a lot of important years with our children because of this company and over our sweat to make this company rich.”

Miller added, “I want to get back to the tables so we can service our customers because this is a community. Our children go to school, and our families are in nursing homes and hospitals. We didn't ask for this.”

Local politicians in the Central New York community like Assemblywoman Pamela Hunter, Senator John Mannion, and New York congressional nominee Francis Conole all attended the striker's demonstration. Many of the employees including Hubbard and Miller appreciated their efforts to hear them out.

Hubbard said, “It feels like somebody is listening to us; somebody has our back out there and it's good to have.”