Senator Honors The Mexican Community At The Cinco De Mayo Festival

José M. Serrano

May 05, 2008

The Senator once again participated in the Cinco de Mayo Festival, on East 116th Street in the heart of East Harlem.

"The Mexican community is an integral part of the American fabric," said the Senator. "Mexican-Americans and Mexican immigrants have made tremendous contributions to our culture, our government and our economy."

He also presented a Senate Proclamation to Cecomex, a leading social service non-profit in the Mexican community, which organizes the festival every year. It is estimated that at least 35,000 people of Mexican descent reside in the East Harlem community.

"I will continue the fight to protect the rights of immigrants across New York State," said the Senator. "Above all, we must convey a message of respect. The immigrants of this city work too hard to get denigrated by politicians and pundits on cable news."

Senator Serrano has emerged as one of Albany's most vocal defenders of immigrants rights. He has strongly supported efforts to expand eligibility for drivers' licenses to people without proper immigration status.

In addition, the Senator has introduced bills in the State Senate that would improve cultural competency in hospitals, and mandate comprehensive increases in translation services afforded to the families of public school students.