Senator Serrano And Community Break Ground On New Greenhope Facility

José M. Serrano

July 08, 2008

Senator Serrano joined community leaders and Greenhope officials in breaking ground on Candace House, a first-of-its-kind facility that will serve as an alternative to incarceration for women and their children.

"Today we are taking important steps to curbing the prison industrial complex in this state," said Senator Serrano. "Far too many of my constituents are sent off to jail when they can be more effectively treated through alternatives to incarceration."

He continued: "Greenhope is a leader in keeping our families together, and fighting the root causes of crime and addiction in our society. This is an institution near and dear to the hearts of residents in East Harlem and across the city. The construction of Candace House will expand this miracle."

Candace House will accommodate 72 women and consist of 21 double units for single women and 28 family units, which will house one woman and child. The facility will also include a 1,125 square foot community garden and a 2,250 square foot backyard, which will be used for structured recreational activities.

"We are very proud to break ground today on this new facility which will serve as a tangible manifestation of the vision of Greenhope," said Greenhope Executive Director Dr. Anne R. Elliott. "The impact that this incarceration alternative will have on the women and children who will reside here will be transformative and serve as a national model for how we can empower civic offenders to rebuild their lives and more positively impact their surrounding communities."

Greenhope Services for Women, Inc., established in 1975, is a NY-based comprehensive residential treatment program for formerly incarcerated women. Greenhope has dedicated itself to empowering and educating women to lead self-reliant lifestyles. Having helped more than 4,000 women reclaim their lives, Greenhope empowers women to rebuild their lives and reunite with their families. Greenhope serves as a safe haven for women and the communities it serves.

"My colleagues and I in Albany are pushing for continued Rockefeller Drug Law reform. We pushing for strategies that build upon established research, that are more cost effective, and – most importantly – that protect our families and our communities. Greenhope manifests that effort right here on the ground. I applaud Dr. Elliott and the entire organization for this inspired work."