Senator Serrano Discusses Civic Engagement At The Mosaic Preparatory Academy/ps375

José M. Serrano

October 14, 2008

            He discussed the importance of civic engagement, as well as the some of the work he does on behalf of our community schools in Albany.

            "Your school is your community," said the Senator, who sits on the Education and Higher Education Committees in the Senate. "By holding these elections, you as a group are deciding in the direction you want to take your community. That is the essence of democracy."

            The Senator went on to discuss how the work the students are doing now, from deciding who to cast a vote for in their student government elections to running for office, is the beginning of responsibilities they will must continue to fulfill when they become adults.

            "What you are doing here today will prepare you for the leadership roles you will play in the future," said Senator Serrano. "We need strong leaders if we are going to tackle the tough problems that face our community, our city, our state and our world."