Senator Serrano Fights For Second Avenue Businesses

José M. Serrano

April 19, 2008

Senator Serrano has introduced legislation to help the businesses that are increasingly feeling pressure from the construction of the much awaited Second Avenue Subway line. Operating in an active construction zone has caused many stores to lose business and some to close their doors permanently.
"We need to ensure that this public project, which will benefit all New Yorkers, does not come on the backs of the hard-working businesses of Second Avenue," said Senator Serrano. "My bills will help to mitigate the damage, so that businesses are able to keep their doors open throughout the construction period."
Senator Serrano has worked alongside Assemblymembers Micah Kellner and Jonathan Bing, as well as community residents and business owners, to develop three bills that will address the problems business owners are facing.
One bill creates a tax free zone that will help to create momentum behind the "Shop Second Avenue" campaign currently underway. Creating a financial incentive will encourage customers to continue visiting the stores.
This will be coupled by a bill that creates tax abatements to help businesses keep their costs down. By making the cost of doing business lower, struggling businesses can direct their funds to other important aspects of their business.
The final bill would establish a grants program to help businesses with their marketing and advertising costs. In the event a business is faced with closure, the bill will make grants available to help keep that entity afloat.
"I am happy to have worked with community stakeholders and my fellow elected officials to preserve the character of a vital and important part of my district," said Senator Serrano. "I hope to see you on Second Avenue!"