Senator Serrano To Participate In Historic Tourism Roundtable

José M. Serrano

November 14, 2005

(New York, NY) State Senator Jose' M. Serrano (D/Manhattan/Bronx) will be participating in an historic Senate and Assembly roundtable discussion Tuesday, November 15th, aimed at refining and enhancing New York's tourism industry. Serrano, the RankingMinority on the Senate's Tourism Committee, is especially excited about joining his Legislative colleagues at the event at the Jacob Javits Convention Center because of his advocacy of arts and culture in New York State. The roundtable is scheduled to begin at 12:30pm.

"Tourism is New York's 2nd largest industry -- a $40 billion dollar a year economic engine," said Senator Serrano, "and from Niagara Falls to the Bronx and Manhattan, New York's great culture and history is proudly displayed for all. The industry not only provides our own citizens with education and entertainment, but also aids in attracting businesses to relocate or emerge in our State."

Serrano, a life-long advocate of the arts in New York, took note that in 2004, New York City hosted 17,179,000 cultural visitors whose activities included visits to museums, art exhibits, galleries, plays, concerts, dance performances, historic sites, fairs, festivals, heritage sites, and historic sites. Spending by this market amounted to approximately $9.1 billion dollars.

"This event will provide me an opportunity to emphasize the role arts and culture play in the life of New York's citizens," said Serrano. "New York arts and artists are the backbone of New York's vibrant cultural fabric, and indeed hold the key to New York City's growth and future. My job is to provide a connection between New York State government and cultural tourism, and to emphasize the vital importance of tourism to our economy. "

Serrano expects that outcomes from the Tourism Roundtable Events, being held across New York State, will include new and creative ways to ensure cooperation and collaboration between New York and its arts, culture, tourism and recreation so that the tourism industry can continue to flourish, and artists can continue to thrive.