Senator Serrano Praises Mayor Bloomberg For Putting Wind(mills)

José M. Serrano

August 22, 2008

New York, NY - Senator José M. Serrano (D - Manhattan /Bronx) today praised Mayor Bloomberg for his recently announced plan to capitalize on New York City's potential for generating sustainable energy.

"As the blackout in 2003 showed, maintaining the status quo is a recipe for disaster," said the Senator, who is a member of the Senate Environmental Conservation Committee. "With increasing fuel prices and climate change staring us in the face, I am heartened that the Mayor has taken the initiative to move New York towards energy independence."

The Mayor has issued a request for companies across the country to propose ideas for building solar, wind and hydroelectric projects throughout the city. The ideas could range from outfitting tall buildings with newly emerging compact windmills or outfitting the millions of square feet of the city's rooftops with a grid of solar panels.

"I am proud to say my district is currently home to one of these innovative programs," said the Senator referring to the Roosevelt Island Tidal Energy project, which generates nearly 1,000 kilowatt hours of clean energy from turbines that harness the tides of the East River.

In addition to the Mayor's plan to utilize well-known landmarks to green the city's energy infrastructure, the Senator suggested that the New York City Housing Authority also consider making use of the new technologies.

"Generating energy on site would save NYCHA money, help the environment and provide a very visible display of these wonderful technologies," said the Senator, a staunch advocate for affordable housing.

He went on to stress the importance of investment in sustainable energy in Northern Manhattan and the Bronx: "In my district, where dirty energy has triggered high rates of asthma and burned holes in my constituents' checkbooks, generating clean energy will be a win-win situation."