Senator Serrano Speaks On Climate Change Panel

José M. Serrano

January 31, 2008

On Janaury 31st, Senator Serrano took part in a discussion on tackling climate change at his alma mater, Manhattan College. The forum was part of a national teach-in called Focus the Nation that was being held simultaneously in hundreds of other colleges across the country. He was joined by Assemblymember Jeffrey Dinowitz and City Councilmember Oliver Koppell.

Senator Serrano discussed the many environmental bills he has proposed, including his green roofs proposal and pieces of legislation that advance environmental justice causes. He emphasized that drastic action needs to be taken by the government and the people of New York to combat climate change.

"Global warming is no longer a threat awaiting us in some far off future," Senator Serrano said. "It is happening as we speak, and the time for bold and concerted action is now."

The Senator went further to talk about why a number of progressive pieces of environmental legislation have stalled in the Senate.

"The Majority has stopped most environmental legislation from ever seeing the light of day," Senator Serrano said. "Albany is a place where good bills too often die a slow death."

"This is not a Republican issue or a Democratic issue, or an American issue or a Chinese issue. This is an issue that concerns all humanity. Inaction is no longer a choice. We need to come together and tackle this issue head on."