Serrano Applauds Free Distribution Of Computers To Bronx Students

José M. Serrano

June 02, 2007

Senator Serrano visited M.S. 223 in The Bronx this weekend to celebrate the distribution of free computers to local students.

The event was run by Computers for Youth (CFY), a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the home learning environment of low-income school children.

The Senator met with students and families at the school. "Technology has become such an important tool for learning," he told them. "Computers will never replace books, but they offer new and dynamic ways to expand your knowledge and spark your interest."

He also praised CFY staff members for their hard work and commitment. "These great men and women appreciate how much learning takes place in the home," he said. "What they have been able to accomplish in New York, Philadelphia and Atlanta is tremendous."

On Saturday, June 9, CFY will distribute its 10,000th computer-based home learning center.

"I also want to express my sincere gratitude to parents," said the Senator. "They are on the front lines of education, and hold the keys to educational development. Thank you for being proactive, and coming out today."