Serrano Backs Sunlight In Albany

José M. Serrano

December 17, 2007

Albany, NY - Senator Serrano strongly and enthusiastically threw his support behind "Project Sunlight," an online initiative by the New York Attorney General's office that will significantly improve transparency and openness in New York State government.

"This is one more giant step on the road to reform in Albany," said the Senator.

The new website contains an easily navigable database of various state records. It is designed so that both novices and individuals with extensive government experience can use the site.

"Too often New Yorkers only hear about problems in government instead of all the things that are developed to make this state a better place," Attorney General Cuomo said in a statement last week. "I believe the public will view this as a positive step in making New York a national model of openness."

The project is currently in its first phase, and includes information regarding campaign finance, legislation, lobbying activity and state government contracts. The site will expand over the coming year, as the Attorney General's office continues to collect and standardize the data.

"It has been said that democracy dies behind closed doors. Since assuming office, I have worked hard to represent the 28th District in the most transparent possible way," said Senator Serrano. "I am glad to see that the Attorney General's office is no longer allowing this to be on a voluntary basis."

The website address is A guided tutorial on the left-hand menu explains how to access the information.