Serrano Climbs Aboard to Save the M15

José M. Serrano

August 28, 2009

On Friday morning Senator Serrano was proactive in his opposition to the proposed service cuts for one of the most heavily used bus lines in the country. During the 7 am rush hour, Serrano, his staff, and the Transport Workers Union boarded buses on Second Avenue, and handed out literature encouraging citizens to speak out against the planned cuts on the M15 bus.
The MTA is proposing to remove 9 buses from the M15 route, which operates between Second Avenue and South Ferry. These cuts would reduce the ridership capacity on this line by about 900 people per hour, resulting in longer wait times, slower travel time, more crowding in subways, and a possible loss in revenue for the MTA.
“These cuts would have devastating consequences for commuters who depend on this line to get to work or school,” said Senator Serrano. "This corridor has a high enough level of demand for public transportation to justify the building of the Second Avenue Subway. As the deadline for the completion of the subway recedes further into the horizon, it would be unacceptable to intensify this transportation deficiency.”
The pamphlets that Senator Serrano, along with Councilmember Melissa Mark-Viverito, distributed on the buses encouraged riders to call the MTA’s Chief Financial Officer and request that the service on the M15 bus not be altered.
The Senator, a strong supporter of traffic mitigation proposals, including congestion pricing in Manhattan, worried that these cuts would reduce passengers’ incentive to take the bus over driving.

“The 28th District has a particular need for  higher air quality, and asthma rates continue to be a serious concern,” said Serrano. "We cannot stand by and watch our streets get even more congested due to cuts in bus service. If I am going to ask my constituents to take public transportation, I will do everything in my power to make sure that it remains reliable.”

To save the M15 Bus call the MTA’s Chief Financial Officer at (212) 878-7438