Serrano Endorses Sustainability Plan

José M. Serrano

June 03, 2007

Senator Serrano officially endorsed Mayor Bloomberg's PlaNYC at a press conference on the steps of City Hall.

PlaNYC, a visionary effort to make New York City more sustainable by the year 2030, seeks to reduce air pollution, increase access to open space, remediate brownfields, and utilize green technology. It would also establish congestion pricing for trips into Manhattan's central business districts.

"I proudly endorse the many great proposals in Mayor Bloomberg's PlaNYC, including his call for congestion pricing," said the Senator. "I believe congestion pricing is one of the keys to reducing automobile traffic and carbon emissions throughout the city."

He added, "As an elected official representing parts of Upper Manhattan and The Bronx, my support for congestion pricing is based upon assurances of a robust commitment to enhancing mass transit, and addressing the localized concerns of neighborhoods outside of the Central Business District.

I applaud the Mayor for his great vision, and I look forward to working with him to make sure that vision becomes a reality."

The event, organized by the Campaign for New York's Future, brought together a diverse group of elected officials from city and state government.