Serrano Press Release On Alleged Hate Crime On Long Island

José M. Serrano

November 10, 2008

New York, NY - State Senator José M. Serrano mourned the loss of Long Island resident Marcello Lucero, originally from Ecuador, who died this past Saturday night. He was allegedly stabbed to death by a group of teenagers in search of an Hispanic victim.

"This is extremely painful news. If Mr. Lucero was the victim of a murderous hate crime, we must do all we can to look within, and readjust the moral compass of our state," said the Senator.

"Immigrants demand freedom from fear, no matter if they are legal, undocumented, or have lived in this country for more than 16 years, like Mr. Lucero," he said.

"Let us not limit ourselves to simply bringing the perpetrators to justice. We must also tame the rhetoric on our television screens, in our newspapers, and even - sometimes - at the dinner table," he said.

"We are once again learning to celebrate difference in this country. But I think the passing of Mr. Lucero reminds us that we have much to learn and many tears to shed before we completely realize that goal. May the sad death of Mr. Lucero serve as a call to arms, against hate and racism."