NYS Sen. Jose Peralta Calls On Gov. Cuomo To Lead On DREAM Act

Jose Peralta

March 20, 2013

As reported by the Daily News:

State Sen. Jose Peralta credits Gov. Cuomo with leading the charge in getting gay marriage and gun control legislation passed. Now Peralta wants Cuomo to again show the federal government how it's done when it comes to implementing a state DREAM Act that provides state tuition assistance to the kids of illegal immigrants who graduated high school in New York.

“It took great courage and leadership to achieve marriage equality in New York and to pass the toughest gun laws in the country," Peralta (D-Queens) said in a statement released this morning. "Rather than wait on the federal government to do something, Gov. Cuomo instead showed the federal government how to get big, important, meaningful things done."

“On behalf of all Dreamers, I am urging Gov. Cuomo to again bring to bear his great courage, considerable political skills and extraordinary leadership abilities in getting something big, important and meaningful done.  And make no mistake: Immigration reform is important and most certainly needs to get done."

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has been pushing for $25 million to be included in the emerging state budget to create a state DREAM Act, but has found little support from the Senate GOP.  Senate co-leader Jeffrey Klein (D-Bronx) has called for a DREAM Act that would be funded with a special casino fee--should casino gambling be legalized. But Klein, according to Assembly insiders, has not been pushing for the DREAM Act to be included in the upcoming budget.

Cuomo, meanwhile, has said he supports a federal DREAM Act but has not taken a stance on a state version.

Peralta, who is running for Queens borough president, called it a "sound investment in our state's workforce and future that would eventually pay for itself many times over."

"The DREAM Act belongs in the budget," he said. "The DREAM Act means far too much to far too many people to continue to be ignored."

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