Second Teen Charged With Murder In Bronx 4-Year-Old's Shooting Death

Jose Peralta

August 01, 2012

As reported by NY1:

A second teen was arrested for murder Friday in the shooting death of a 4-year-old Bronx boy as lawmakers and clergy members rallied to put an end to gun violence.

19-year-old Jeffrey Ronald is charged with second-degree murder in the death of Lloyd Morgan, who was shot and killed Sunday night.

17-year-old Rondell Pinkerton is already charged with murder. A third person is facing weapons charges.

Morgan was struck in the head when shots rang out in a playground at the Forest Houses in Morrisania Sunday.

Your Call On Gun Violence

Do you think more youth programs and other community outreach will help reduce gun violence? Read New Yorkers' thoughts.

Earlier, advocates gathered on the steps of City Hall, saying the fight against illegal guns must come from all fronts.

They said a combination of strict legislation and community outreach can help young people stay off the streets and away from guns.

"The kids are killing each other by an alarming number and for one to sit on idle times and allow it to happen, is sending a bad message," said Todd Feurtado of the King of Kings Foundation.

"If we can get them engaged in going back to school, get them engaged in doing computer classes, get them engaged in outings like basketball games, mentoring them, helping with their resumes, it can make a difference," said outreach worker Ralph Greer.

"When we talk about being the capital of the world, we like to do things first," said State Sen. Jose Peralta. "So why not pass gun legislation that get these criminals off the streets?"

The rally was a reaction to Morgan's killing and other recent high-profile shooting incidents this summer.

Morgan's mother, Shianne Norman, attended an anti-gun violence rally near the site of the shooting Thursday night.

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