Sen. Jose Peralta: It's Up to Senate Independent Dems To Bring DREAM Act To The Floor

Jose Peralta

January 23, 2014

As reported by the Daily News:

Sen. Jose Peralta, a member of the mainstream Senate Dems, actually sent a verbal bouquet the way of the four breakaway Democrats who help control the chamber with the Republicans.

Peralta (D-Queens) thanked the four for signing on to his bill to create a state DREAM Act.

But he also tried to put the pressure back on the four to secure whatever Republican votes are needed to ensure its passage.

“I look forward to working with them in helping our  Republican colleagues understand that the DREAM Act is the smartest investment that we can possibly make in workforce development and our state’s future, one that would pay for itself many times over.," Peralta said. “Their help in getting my bill to the Senate floor for a vote when the time comes will be critical to making the DREAM Act a reality.”

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