State Sen. Jose Peralta urges probe into baby's death in blizzard aftermath

Jose Peralta

January 06, 2011

Daily News

State Sen. Jose Peralta is calling for a probe into the death of an infant who had to wait for medical treatment because of snow-clogged streets after the blizzard.

"This is an especially heartbreaking tragedy that might have been avoided if only the streets had been cleared," said Peralta (D-Queens).

Luis Reinoso said his son Addison, 3 months old, began having trouble breathing at the family's Corona home Dec. 29. He began performing CPR while the boy's mother, Maria del Rocio Xoyatla, frantically dialed 911. He said it took several minutes to get through to 911 and too long for an ambulance to reach the 39th Ave. home. Then, the vehicle struggled getting to Elmhurst Hospital Center.The baby was taken off life support yesterday. The cause of death has not been determined.

Anyone wishing to make a donation so Reinoso can send his son's body to Ecuador should call Peralta's office at (718) 205-3881.

by Erica Pearson and Tina Moore