Statement By State Senator Jose Peralta

Jose Peralta

April 25, 2012

“Microstampting, reproductive health, the Dream Act: These are not small or inconsequential bills that the Republicans have cleared off the table of public discussion along with other thoughtful pieces of legislation.

“The microstamping and reproductive health bills, as well as the Dream Act, have significant support, including from numerous editorial boards.

“It seems that in an election year, Republicans don’t want to have to vote against legislation with significant support.

“Instead, Senate Republicans summarily substitute their judgment for everyone else’s.

“On microstamping, for example, Senate Republicans say that they know better than district attorneys and chiefs of police and law enforcement organizations all over this state.

“They say they know more about fighting crime than the crime fighters.

“But hiding behind their arrogance is election-year fear.  They don’t want to debate the merits of the microstamping bill and put it to a vote because they’re afraid to publicly vote against common-sense law enforcement legislation.

“They don’t want everyone to see that they’re in the NRA’s pocket.

“So they say microstamping will be costly to the state, but don’t give so much as an estimate of what that cost might be.

“They say gun manufacturers will leave the state, even though the experience in California and Massachusetts says otherwise.

“Their arrogance is surpassed only by their cowardice.”