New York’s Dairy Farms Are In Is Here, Now!

Joseph E. Robach

March 26, 2009


Application deadline: April 27th

The New York Dairy Assistance Program

New York dairy farmers are now eligible for a share of $30 million in immediate assistance. The funds are included in the new state budget to assist dairy farmers who have been socked by falling milk process, made worse by rising fuel, feed and other production costs.

To be eligible, farmers must apply by April 27. The application and instructions may be downloaded here. Applications also are available by calling my office, or the NYS Department of Agriculture & Markets at 1-800-554-4501.

Preserving family farming and the vitality of rural communities is a top Senate priority. This special state assistance is designed to ensure the survival of a viable dairy industry that ranks third in the nation in terms of production. The industry has been rocked with record losses that threaten the survival of New York's 6,000 family farms.

The program is administered by the state Department of Agriculture & Markets, which will issue checks to eligible farmers. Similar to checks provided to Vermont dairy farmers by that state, the payments will be based on pounds of milk produced during the 2006 calendar year. Payments are expected to be in the range of 30 to 35 cents per hundredweight, and should be mailed by May 9. Any residual amounts will be distributed to dairy farmers at a later date.

Applications must be postmarked by April 27, and may NOT be faxed or emailed.

For applications, click here.

For more information about the Dairy Assistance Program, click here.