Robach Continues Fight For Capping Gas Tax: Urges Rochester Residents To “join The Fight”

Joseph E. Robach

March 26, 2009





Wally Smith, Vice President, AAA Western and Central New York.  “Gas prices are top-of-mind, and as signatures keep coming in, we know that relief from state sales tax would be welcomed by motorists,” concluded Smith.

            Gas prices across New YorkState are already breaking the $3 a gallon barrier, and experts predict that summer prices could outpace last year's local record of $3.33 a gallon, reached last September, by mid-summer. Earlier this week, gas prices peaked at $2.87 a gallon in Rochester, according to the AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report, slightly less than the statewide average of $2.93.  Today, in some areas of MonroeCounty, we have begun to see prices exceeding $3 per gallon.

AAA offers the following tips for motorists: