Robach Working to Form Upstate Legislative Caucus

Joseph E. Robach

April 01, 2009

Non Partisan Group Will Focus On Solutions To Pressing Upstate Issues

State Senator Joe Robach announced recently that he is asking all of his Senate colleagues representing Upstate districts to join him in forming an Upstate Legislative Caucus whose goal will be to ensure that Upstate’s needs are being addressed and met during these challenging economic times.

“Upstate New York needs dramatic and innovative solutions to the challenges that have contributed to our lagging economy and the impact it has had on our citizens and I am confident that with this caucus we will find real solutions that best serve our region.”

Similar coalitions have been established over the years and have proven successful in their advocacy efforts.  This caucus will work to address the needs of Upstate from our economy, to funding education, to the equal allocation of resources, to the preservation of green space, to improving our infrastructure as well as other important legislative initiatives.

“Now more than ever, we need to work together in a bi-partisan manner to ensure that Upstate New York has a loud, collective voice advocating for its needs,” Robach added.

Formal requests for participation in the caucus were mailed this week to every Senator representing Upstate New York – regardless of party affiliation.  The first meeting will be held on January 12th in Albany.