Senator Robach Announces $36 Million For Renaissance Square

Joseph E. Robach

March 29, 2006

Senator Robach and his Senate and Assembly colleagues in the Rochester Delegation have secured $36 million in this year’s State budget for the Renaissance Square Project in the City of Rochester.

Renaissance Square will be a significant economic investment in the heart of downtown Rochester that will include a performing arts center, a downtown campus for Monroe Community College - Damon City Campus - and a transit center. The project is expected to bring hundreds of new jobs to the City of Rochester as well as catalyze substantial new investment in business, retail, and housing for our downtown area.

"I am pleased to confirm $36 million in funding for the Renaissance Square Project" stated Senator Robach, "Securing capital funding for economic development and job creation is a top priority for me and I am confident that it will revitalize downtown Rochester, enhance our arts community and become a successful tourist attraction. I applaud the dedication to this project by the members of our Rochester Delegation as well as our County Executive Maggie Brooks and Mayor Bob Duffy. I look forward to our continued work together."

"For more than two years I have been pleased to work with County Executive Maggie Brooks and the Monroe County Delegation in an effort to build community support for the Renaissance Square Project. I am proud to have worked with my colleagues in the delegation to secure more than $54 million in state funding. I look forward to seeing cranes in the air, laborers working, neighborhoods being rebuilt and the revitalization of Rochester become a reality," Senator Nozzolio said.

"As Chairman of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Economic Development and Small Business, I’m excited to join my colleagues in announcing the $36 million in funding that the Renaissance Square project will receive," said Senator Alesi. "This project has enormous potential to create jobs and fuel economic growth here in Monroe County as well as add to the revitalization of the downtown Rochester area. My commitment to the arts is centered on quality of life, education and economic development. The Renaissance Square project encompasses all three of these thigns and will be a most valuable asset to the Greater Rochester area."

Senator Maziarz said, "I’m very proud of the commitment New York State is making to the Renaissance Square project. This is going to be a tremendous asset to the City of Rochester. It will bring jobs, revenue, and economic revitalization to downtown, on top of being a cultural treasure for the community."

"I want to thank our Senate and Assembly Delegations for this strong show of additional support for Renaissance Square and for their belief in the economic and job growth potential of this project," said Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks. "Thanks to their generous support, and the support of our Federal representatives, Renaissance Square continues to move forward. Monroe County’s representatives in the Senate and Assembly share our passion for this project’s ability to help re-create our Center City and serve as a catalyst for additional development opportunities. Our Senate and Assembly Delegations deserve our thanks and appreciation."

"My thanks go to Senator Robach and all of Rochester's state delegation for securing the funding for this project, as well as for the increase in state aid to our great city," stated Rochester Mayor Bob Duffy. "We need to continue the momentum that we are building, not only for the Renaissance project, but for the benefit of residents throughout our community. I wish to express our appreciation for the passion in which they have advocated for Rochester."

The Rochester delegation strongly anticipates this $36 million in funding to be approved in the final budget, expected to be passed by the April 1st deadline.