Senator Robach Announces New Traffic Signal Activated At Brandy Brook Lane

Joseph E. Robach

November 17, 2005

Senator Robach announced that the State DOT signal crews activated a new 3-color traffic light at the intersection of Latta Road (Rt. 18) and Brandy Brook Lane today in the company of local residents and a host of other elected officials. Motorists approaching the intersection west of Long Pond Road should be alert and prepared to stop.

At the request of Senator Robach, this intersection underwent a comprehensive traffic study by DOT who collected and looked at vehicle delay, traffic volumes, turning movement data, and accident history.

"This light is the culmination of work between neighbors, their representatives and the appropriate state agency," stated Senator Robach. "After a study, it was determined that installation of this light was necessary to make the area safer for motorists and to meet the transportation needs of the Town of Greece. I applaud all the citizens and neighbors involved as well as the DOT for their diligence in pursuing a study and installing this traffic light. I am confident that it will make this intersection safer and end the threat of potential accidents."

Each of the red, yellow and green signal indications are 12" in diameter. The complete signal head is made of a poly carbonate plastic, which prevents the green paint from ever peeling off. The signal light does not use a traditional bulb, rather an LED, (Light Emitting Diodes) which uses less electricity, is less likely to burn out entirely and requires less long-term maintenance. The timing of the new signal will be coordinated with adjacent intersection controls. In addition, pedestrian indications and countdown signals were incorporated to assist walkers.

"The safety of our residents is our #1 priority in the Town of Greece and this new traffic light will enhance our efforts to keep our roads safe for motorists and pedestrians," Greece Town Supervisor John Auberger said. "We are fortunate to have representatives such as Joe Robach and Bill Reilich who understand that priority and assist us in meeting that goal.

"The new traffic signal should improve the overall safety operation of this intersection by reducing the number of right angle accidents", NYSDOT Regional Director Charles Moynihan said. "Also the delay that motorists experience, particularly on Brandy Brook and Torrey Pines should be significantly reduced."

"I am glad that through the combined efforts of the Town and State, we were able to have this light in place," Assemblyman Bill Reilich said. "I believe this light will improve the safety of travel in the Latta Road area. Safety of our residents is always our top concern."