Senator Robach Announces Senate Passage Of Legislation To Impose Stiffer Penalties For Attacks On The Elderly

Joseph E. Robach

April 02, 2007

While the assailant in these two cases could face robbery charges, under current law he would only face a misdemeanor charge for his physical attacks on the two elderly women. In addition, under current law, the penalties for the physical attack on the 101-year-old woman are the same penalties that would exist if the victim had been a 25-year-old football player.

“Violent criminals believe that a senior citizen is easy prey,” stated Arlene Pink, Secretary of the Greece Senior Council, a volunteer group that advises the town on issues affecting seniors. “I want to thank Senator Robach for his efforts to protect our seniors by increasing the penalties against those who attack and injure older adults who may not be able to physically defend themselves.”