Senator Robach Honors Dr. Kathryn Schmitz Of Rochester With Achievers' Award

Joseph E. Robach

May 06, 2008


Annual Award Recognizes Special Contributions By Those With Disabilities

    Senator Robach recently named Dr. Kathryn Schmitz as a recipient of the New York Senate Achievers’ Award.  The prestigious award recognizes an individual’s ability to overcome personal or physical challenges and honors her accomplishments on behalf of her community. 

    “The Achievers’ Award is an honor that recognizes the triumph of individuals over sometimes daunting physical challenges and is bestowed on those whose efforts serve as an example of courage, personal excellence and achievement for our entire community,” said Senator Robach. 

    Dr. Schmitz has served over 12 years at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) where she works as an English Professor.  Professor Schmitz has taught an overwhelming variety of courses at NTID/RIT, remains actively involved in a program of research and presents regularly at many different professional conventions across the country.  Dr. Schmitz also serves on over a dozen committee and review boards at NTID/RIT.  Outside of her work on campus, she has served as the publicity chair for the Deaf Rochester Film Festival in 2007, and affiliates herself with various local, national, and international associations on behalf of the deaf community as well as advocating for better education.   Dr. Schmitz has made a significant positive impact on the deaf community in Rochester, and continues to be an inspiration to her students, coworkers, and all who live in the greater Rochester area. 

    “I am so proud to present Dr. Schmitz with the 2008 Senate Achiever Award.  I could think of no better candidate than Dr. Katie Schmitz – she is a true advocate for the deaf and has not only impacted lives in the Rochester area but nationwide.”  Senator Robach added “She is a champion for herself, the deaf community and all the faculty, staff and students at NTID.  Dr. Schmitz’s diligence is a cut above the rest.” 

    Dr. Kathryn Schmitz was recognized in a special ceremony at the State Capitol in Albany and was presented with an Achievers’ Award and Senate Proclamation. 

    The New York State Senate Achievers’ Awards are presented each year in conjunction with Senate Disability Awareness Day, an annual event sponsored by the Senate to raise public awareness of the efforts and accomplishments of citizens with physical disabilities.