Senator Robach Secures $1.5 Million To Expand Highland Hospital's Emergency Department

Joseph E. Robach

March 02, 2005

This year 20 percent of us will need emergency treatment. The Highland Hospital Emergency Department has been providing this critical care to the Rochester community for over a century.

Over the last five years, the number of patients admitted to Highland Hospital’s emergency room has more than doubled and, as a result, the hospital has become dangerously overcrowded. Unfortunately, many of those seeking care at Highland have been forced to be seen in the hallways as their need is greater than their facility. While Highland is smaller in size than other local hospitals, it sees more patients annually.

To help Highland meet its increased need, Senator Joe Robach recently announced that he has secured $1.5 million in state assistance to expand its emergency department. This funding will be matched by the NYS Assembly bringing the total state assistance for this project to $3 million.

"Highland Hospital has seen a tremendous growth in patient volume over the past few years," said Senator Robach. "I am pleased to be able to announce that New York State will be a partner in such an important project for Rochester’s health care system."

The new Emergency Department will grow from 7,000 square feet to 12,000 square feet, and will expand from 19 beds to 24 beds. The new design will feature a central nursing station as a hub, surrounded by patient rooms, dedicated areas for trauma, and various specialty patient areas, as well as a "fast track" area for patients with relatively minor conditions.

Key features of the new emergency department include:

Central nursing station. Will allow for maximum visibility of patients, as well as improved efficiency and traffic flow for staff.

New information system. New system will enable bedside registration, electronic patient tracking and documentation. Patients can be cared for more quickly without registering at the reception desk. Electronic patient tracking will allow all staff to know the status of each patient at a glance, which will in turn result in faster care.

Trauma room. Will cater to the needs of the most seriously injured patients.

Gynecological rooms. Will cater to the care and privacy needs of women experiencing a gynecological emergency.

Decontamination Room. This room will be located near the ambulance entrance to provide care and safety for patients exposed to toxic chemicals or biological hazards, as well as to protect the well-being of the community.

Treat-and-Release Area. This area will include seven beds dedicated to meeting the needs of patients with relatively minor conditions, allowing them to be treated quickly, privately, and away from more severe emergency cases.

Private Family Room. Will allow families of both critically ill patients and grieving families with the privacy and quiet they need.

This is the second major emergency expansion project that Senator Robach has funded since being elected to office. In 2004, Senator Robach secured $1.5 million for Park Ridge Hospital in Greece to expand their emergency department.