Senator Robach Urges Consumers To Be Educated About Gas Prices & Gouging

Joseph E. Robach

September 01, 2005

In response to the large amount of calls from constituents, Senator Robach is reminding Rochester area residents that New York State has a Gasoline Price Gouging Hotline that residents can call to report suspected gas price gouging.

"I’ve been approached by numerous constituents expressing their concern and dismay over the rate of gasoline price increases and many people feel they are being taken advantage of," said Senator Robach. "I’m sure the vast majority of gasoline dealers are acting properly and passing on increases in an appropriate manner, however, I want people to know that there is somewhere for them to turn if they feel they are being swindled."

Gas prices in Rochester are rapidly on the rise, nearing $3 a gallon for regular gas. On the website, where motorists share price information, several stations in our region were listing regular gas at $2.99. If consumers feel that a gas station has unfairly risen their prices, they should call (800) 214-4372 or fill out a Consumer Protection Board’s complaint form at

"Increasing gas prices not only hit working men and women hard but also businesses. It is important that we take steps to ensure consumers are paying a fair price for gasoline," stated Senator Robach.

Senator Robach has also joined with some of his other Senator colleagues to call on the Attorney General to monitor gas prices and ensure no price fixing or gas gouging.

Robach continued, "This is something that affects our economy and our personal lives. Everyone in government should be doing all they can to protect New Yorkers as they deal with these increases at the pump."