Senator Robach Urges Parents And Educators To Boycott Cop Killing Video Game

Joseph E. Robach

February 23, 2006

Senator Joe Robach today urged parents, educators and concerned citizens of New York State to boycott a video game called "25 to Life" which rewards the video gamer for killing cops and using pedestrians as human shields.

"I have a big problem with a video game that awards the gamer points to kill police officers in order to move up in stature within their ‘crime gang’," said Senator Joe Robach. "In addition to being completely disrespectful to the men and women of law enforcement, this video game also desensitizes our teenagers to behavior that is dangerous, illegal and completely unacceptable."

Senator Robach has created an online petition that will be sent to Eidos (maker of "25 to Life") as well as PlayStation (manufacturer Sony) and Xbox (maker Microsoft). This petition will not only inform Eidos of the boycott but will urge Playstation and Xbox to cancel their licensing agreements with Eidos. Senator Robach is also urging stores and retailers not to carry the game.

Senator Robach continued, "I am urging that all parents, educators and concerned citizens take it upon themselves to boycott this video game. If your child already has the game, please monitor its use and make sure that they understand the real life ramifications of the inappropriate behavior demonstrated in the video game and the impact this criminal behavior could have on their future."

If citizens would like to join the fight against "25 to Life" and sign the petition, they can do so by visiting Senator Robach’s website at