Energy Committee Vote Advances Senator Parker's Statewide Energy Policy Law

Kevin S. Parker

April 01, 2009

State Energy Plan moved to Senate Finance Committee

Brooklyn, NY- Senator Kevin Parker, Chair of the Senate Energy & Telecommunications committee announced the vote on the new State Energy Plan that re-establishes a state-wide energy board. The board will be charged to develop and regularly update a comprehensive plan for identifying and meeting the State’s future energy needs. Currently, the bill was voted out of the Energy Committee and has moved to Finance.

" The committee’s vote on the new State Energy Plan allows us to continue to focus on the green economy and energy independence," said Senator Parker. "It will take a sensible, statewide energy plan to take advantage of the new technologies and new jobs that will be developed with federal support. This new legislation will enable New York to better ensure affordable service, oversight and accountability of providers, and focus on New York’s long-term energy needs."

The new law will require comprehensive studies of the state’s energy needs and the creation of a comprehensive energy plan. The plan will analyze the following: regional and statewide power generation, transmission and

distribution; energy reliability and affordability; short and long term fuel forecasts; renewable energy technologies and distributed generation; environmental justice and public health; energy efficiency and conservation, and a number of other related issues.

The bill authorizes the State Board to hold hearings, adopt rules and regulations and issue subpoenas and, for the first time, creates a structure for regional input into the statewide plan.

" I support the establishment o f the State Energy Planning Board. It will play an important role in providing strategic direction for a statewide energy plan, ensuring input from all sectors, and addressing New York State’s diverse regional needs as we move toward energy independence," said Senator Valesky.

"By moving this bill out of committee we are closer to developing a sustainable energy future that attracts developers, creates jobs and meets the energy needs of Upstate New York," said state Sen. Darrel J. Aubertine (D-Cape Vincent). "This Article VI legislation through a state energy planning board will help us build a comprehensive energy plan for all regions of the state to guide us toward energy independence." 

"The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into our state for green job training, transportation and energy infrastructure, efficiency, weatherization and renewable generation," said Senator Parker. "This legislation will ensure that this issue is given the attention and commitment it deserves by mandating a state-wide board to examine and research the issue at hand; delivering the best possible solution to the people of New York. Therefore, I will continue to work with my colleagues to bring the bill to the floor and into law."