State Senator Kevin Parker Opens The First Youth Farmers’ Market In East Flatbush

Kevin S. Parker

March 27, 2009

Brooklyn, NY – East Flatbush residents have eagerly embraced the opening of the first Farmers’ Market in their area. The Market called, THE STAND @ Newkirk/Nostrand, is an initiative of the Senate representative for the area, State Senator Kevin Parker. The launch of this Farmers’ Market is in keeping with Senator Parker’s commitment to economic development and small business enterprise in his district.

A vocal advocate for bringing freshly grown produce to communities in Brooklyn Senator Parker said, "The goal is to promote healthy nutritious eating as well as economic development and empowerment," said Senator Parker. "I am pleased that the establishment of this Youth Farm Stand carters to both these needs. "By unleashing the energies of budding entrepreneurs we are improving the business landscape of our community and at the same time helping to revive and sustain the economy of our city, state and nation."

THE STAND @ Newkirk/Nostrand is a youth operated Farmers’ market that provides an opportunity to bring fresh locally grown fruit and produce into the East Flatbush community. In addition to its potential to promote healthy living, THE STAND gives its teenage operators, age 15-19 years, an insider’s view of managing a business. This team is responsible for managing the daily operation of the business, ordering produce each week and coordinating marketing and outreach.

"As young people we represent the future," said 16-year-old Tameka Daniels. "By taking ‘a stand’ for healthy living, we are setting an example for our peers as well as future generations. The project represents our stand as young people to eat right and take control of our lives."


The Market enjoyed brisk opening day sales as area residents took the opportunity to purchase the fresh economically prized produce and show that they too are taking "a stand" for healthy living in their community.

Youth Farm Stands around the city are operated under the auspices of GREENMARKET/Council on the Environment of NYC in partnership with the NYS Department of Agriculture. THE STAND @ Newkirk/Nostrand falls under the auspices of the Building Blocks Local Development Corporation, another one of the Senator Parker’s economic development stimulants which was launched three years ago.

Senator Parker with two of the youth leaders of The STAND