Statement From Senator Kevin Parker On Hillary Clinton’s Confirmation As Secretary Of State

Kevin S. Parker

March 27, 2009

"I congratulate our Senator, Hillary Clinton, upon her confirmation as Secretary of State. America is ready for change – at home and abroad – and I strongly believe Hillary Clinton will change the face of American diplomacy, and that she has the relationships, judgment, and tenacity to improve our standing around the world.

"Eight years ago, I was privileged to work on Senator Clinton’s historic campaign for the United States Senate, and in my time as a state senator, I have continued to marvel at her talent and strength. She has been a strong champion for the needs of New Yorkers, and throughout her life she has been a vital voice for those less privileged and less free around the world.

"Her journey, from Illinois to Arkansas, from Washington to Westchester, to Beijing, to Buffalo and to Brooklyn has been a story – an American story – that will inspire us all for generations to come. I am so proud of our Senator, and wish Madam Secretary Godspeed in her continuing journey – one that will bring a safer and more secure future for us all."