Statement From Senator Kevin Parker On Mayor Bloomberg’s Plan To Extend Term Limits

Kevin S. Parker

March 27, 2009

"Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s plan to extend term limits is simply a bad idea at a bad time. It is also just plain, in-your-face bad democracy to overturn the will of the people. The voters of New York City exercised their franchise and sent a clear message that they were in favor of term limits. To brazenly push them aside and attempt to silence their voices is not what we should  do as elected officials. Furthermore, the Mayor’s argument that he is the right person to take the City through the current economic crisis is flawed to its core. The fact is that Mayor Bloomberg had seven years to spin his self-taught financial wheel of fortune to strengthen the capital market in order to prepare this city for a downturn in the economy. But he failed to do so and the collapse of Wall Street happened on his watch. Once again the Mayor has continually failed the people of New York City who he now wants to give him four more years in office. His administration is one with a documented legacy of failure and so there is no justification for rewarding him. Therefore, I am calling on the City Council to do the right thing and not even bring this Bill to a vote."